The Beggar Boy of the North – Greg Stephens and Crookfinger Jack


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This is a re-release of a “classic” set of recordings made by Greg Stephens in 1978. In many ways this is the inspiration behind the ‘Trip To The Lakes’ CD recently released on Harbourtown (HARCD047). The story behind these recordings is well documented by Greg in the accompanying 12 page booklet along with information on the musicians involved, where they are now and a picture of those young men way back when they made this recording. These 24 tunes represent a cross section of the music played by traditional musicians in the north-west of England over the last 400 years or so. Some were, and are, widely known and played throughout the British Isles, while others only seem to have enjoyed local currency. This is the music of the area from Chester to Carlisle, bounded by the Irish Sea to the west and the Pennines to the east.


1. Canny Cumberland, Yorkshire Lasses, The One Horned Sheep
2. Never Love Thee More, Cumberland Nelly, John Peel
3. Lonsdale Hornpipe
4. The Northern Lass
5. Liverpool Hornpipe, Keswick Bonny Lasses
6. The Willow Tree, Corn Rigs, Nanny O
7. Old Lancaster Hornpipe
8. Chester Waits, Farewell Manchester
9. The Beggar Boy Of The North
10. The Bishop Of Chester’s Jig, Andrew Carey, Drop Of Brandy, Mad Molly
11. Jenny My Blithest Mald, The Glory Of The North, Northern Nanny
12. The Cantsfield Polka


Cello – Chris Hill
Double Bass – Pete Mickelborough
Guitar, Bodhrán – Gordon Johnston
Mandolin, Tenor Banjo – Greg Stephens
Violin – Chris Ashley , Dave Lyth
Whistle, Flute, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone – Peader Long

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