Anna Massie and Mairearad Green 8.00 pm Friday 16 April

Two of Scotland’s most revered multi-instrumentalists, Mairearad Green (accordion and bagpipes) and Anna Massie (guitar, banjo, fiddle) are a truly captivating duo, providing a highly energetic performance with an instantly warm and friendly stage presence.

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The Canny Band 8.00 pm Friday 21 May

 Michael Biggins with Sam Mabbett and Callum Convoy.

Michael is the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2021. He played at the festival in 2018 accompanying James Taylor. Sam Mabbett plays keyboard and Callum plays bodhran.

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RANT 8.00 pm Friday 18 June.

Please note that this event was originally scheduled for 19 February but has been postponed due to current Covid 19 restrictions.

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RANT is the meeting of 4 of Scotland’ s finest fiddle players, two from the Shetland Islands and two from the Highlands. Bethany Reid, Jenna Reid, Lauren MacColl and Anna Massie join forces to create a sound which is both rich and lush, yet retaining all the bite and spark synonymous with Scottish fiddle playing. Using just their fiddles, they weave a tapestry of melodies, textures, layers and sounds with skill and passion.

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