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A mixture of traditional and original songs, stories and poems about the beautiful, rugged, mysterious Lake District, its people and surroundings.

Lake District Song & Poems contains 22 tracks, honed through regular performance but delivered with a newfound intimacy afforded by the recording studio. The material takes the listener on a journey around Cumbria and the Lake District, from Piel Island to Carlisle, the Solway coast to the infant River Eden by way of dialect, history and romance. The original songs blend nicely with older material by local writers including William Wordsworth, Susanna Blamire, Alexander Craig Gibson and Pennington born, Edmund Casson.

Steve Wharton is a Cumbrian songwriter and performer. For over 20 years he has developed his writing and performance skills, drawing on experiences and influences from across Europe and Asia, gathered whilst working as a photographer, chef, teacher, actor, musician and also warden of Black Sail youth hostel. Now settled between the stunning Ennerdale fells and West Cumbrian coast he loves sharing his songs and writing skills in performances and workshops.

Track List

  1. As Gan Back (Wharton)
  2. Braddyll’s Lion (Wharton)
  3. I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud (Wordsworth)
  4. Lanty Slee (Wharton)
  5. Men of Borrowdale (Collinson)
  6. Elegaic Stanzas (Wordsworth/arr. Wharton)
  7. Still The Rockface Cries (Wharton)
  8. Old Man of Coniston (Gibson/arr. Wharton) 
  9. Rossett Pass (Anon.)
  10. Sally Gray (Anderson)
  11. From ‘A Masque of Poetry’ (Casson)
  12. And Ye Shall Walk in Silk Attire (Blamire)
  13. M’Appen I May (Gibson)
  14. Olaf’s Last Cruise (Lonsdale/arr. Wharton)
  15. Drowned in Esthwaite (Wordsworth)
  16. The Luck of Edenhall (Wharton)
  17. The Keswick Driver (Oglivy)
  18. Miss Gilpin’s Song (Blamire)
  19. Workhouse of Ulverston (Wharton)
  20. Yan Tan Tethera (Trad.)
  21. Tarry Woo (Trad.)
  22. Heartwood (Wharton/fiddle arr. Wood)

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