What is Zoom?

A Zoom meeting is a virtual gathering of people. Each person can join in using their pc, laptop, or mobile device. Using webcams and microphones ( these may be built into your laptop, tablet or phone) everyone can chat and have a meeting without being physically together.

Using Zoom

We advise you to download the Zoom app in advance. It is free. Go to https://zoom.us/signup. You will be prompted to install the Zoom app. Zoom will provide you with instructions on how to
download and install their app.

When Zoom starts running it will prompt you to enter your name so that everyone can put names to faces.

We recommend that you check your microphone and speakers are working before any event.

Joining an Event

Click on the link that we have given you or open the Zoom app. We suggest that you do this a few minutes before the event is due to start.

Now click on ‘Join Meeting’. Enter the Meeting ID that you have been given followed by the password.

You may enter a virtual waiting room before the event. This allows us to deal with any last minute hitches that may crop up.

Please Note

Recording of concerts and streaming to other services is not allowed. Doing so is a grave violation of the data protection rights of both artists and audience.
If you have any problems we will try to help you – but we are not computer experts and FT cannot be held responsible for customers’ hardware or software problems