You are invited to write a song on the theme of Cumbrian people, culture and history.

Entry is open to all. The winning song may be played during the festival and may be published in a booklet.

The winner(s) will be awarded a £50 cash prize.

Your song will be judged for its merit, not the quality of recording!

Song Writing Competition Terms and Conditions

Submission Guidelines

When submitting your entry, please provide the following information:

1.  Name of the song.

2.  Date when the song was written.

3.  Full name of writer(s).

4.  Contact details for writer(s): Phone number and email.

5.  Recorded performance of the song on MP3 format.

6.  Maximum of two voices and two instruments on the recording.

7.  List of performers and instruments on the recording.

8.  Lyric sheet of song on PDF or Word doc.


The competition will be judged by:

*   Mike Willoughby

*   Nick Marshall

 Judging Criteria

Songs will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1.  Overall song impact

2.  Quality of lyric

3.  Quality of song melody

4.  Relevance to the theme

Submit your entry here