Thieving Magpie are a mixed border Morris side from Huddersfield who like dancing, waving big sticks about and yelling. They sing as well. They were formed in 2006 and ages range from 20 to 73.

Regular members are now Chubbitoes, Big Angie, Anarchy Jo, Little Sweebs, Helen Orderly, The Grey Tezza, The Beardikris, Tiny Smiley, Paul Know-lots, Spooky S.J., Approximate ‘Arry, Red Dawn, The Big Bad Ma Quiet, Singing Jenny, Linda Thesp, Penny Graceful, Squeaky Wilfred, Pscho Sam, Vic Torious, The Long Firmer, Jonathan Smartly, Viv Acious, Brittany Bright, John the Hatter, Military Chris, Lancastrian Jeannette, Paddy Long Legs, Thomas and Joe.

Watch yer goods and watch yer chattels
Watch yer dances, watch yer songs
We will grab them, We will nab them
We don’t care if it’s right or wrong


Leave nowt but wood, blood and feathers!