Formed in 1982, Perree Bane is a Manx traditional dance, music and song group based in Ballasalla, in the South of the Isle of Man. The name “Perree Bane” is Manx Gaelic for “White Jacket”, which the men wear along with their Loaghtan Wool trousers.

The aim of the group is to keep alive and to some extent extend the repertoire of traditional Manx dances

Main activities – Informal and staged Manx dance performances as well as Workshop teaching and calling of the dances with audience participation, Dancing. whether for practices or performance is always accompanied by live music provided by talented musicians. Variety of traditional instruments includes (though not always at the same time) whistle, guitar, fiddle, piano accordion, concertina, mandolin, bodhran and flute.

Their costume – The men wear loaghtan wool trousers, unusual tasseled hats also made from the loaghtan wool and white jackets mentioned above. The ladies wear a contrasting red jacket and long woven wool skirts, the striped pattern of which copies a cloth known as Juan y Cleary’s Weave. 

The group has around fifty members of all ages with a strong children’s section who also perform as a group “Perree Aeg” (Young Jacket) in their own right. New musicians and dancers are always welcome to come along and join in the Perree Bane sessions whatever their skill level at the Ballasalla Villlage Hall on Sundays at 7-9 pm.

Perree Bane performs regularly at events around the Isle of Man and also at festivals and competitions further afield, such as Llangollen Eisteddfod, Wales, Sidmouth Folk, Week, Furness Tradition Festival, Ulverston.