The duo Bridget Marsden (violin) and Leif Ottosson (accordion) were a sensation when they first came to Furness Tradition in 2016 with people queuing up to buy their CD when they finished their set. They played as a duo and also with performance storyteller Dominic Kelly. They will be performing with him again in a new collaboration which will premiere at the Festival.

The duo formed in 2009 after meeting through the folk music department at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and have since met a wide audience from both large and small stages in Scandinavia and the UK. What started as a common interest in tight, traditional tune playing soon led to an exploration of arrangements full of space, which were refined under many concerts during the following years. The duo’s distinctive style took shape during their collaboration with Dominic Kelly.

Bridget received the Artist of the Year award at the 2016 Folk & World Music Awards in Sweden The award was in recognition of her artistic work during 2015, and she was thrilled and honoured to receive it!