All Community Band activities have ceased for the time being but will resume when conditions allow








Furness Tradition Community Band are a group of musicians who play mainly for ceilidh dancing, although you may enjoy just listening too. Our ages vary from teenager to pensioner. Much of the music played has been locally sourced.

We meet on the first Thursday of every month .

Newcomers are very welcome – if you wish to join in, or brush up your skills – do not hesitate to come along. Melody players need to be able to play tunes from score, rhythm players follow written chord patterns.  Please try to arrive a little early and set up in time for a prompt start.

1. FEE
Due to increased costs of rehearsing, and the running costs of Furness Tradition generally, from now on we will be charging a small fee for Community Band sessions.
We are advising that this will be £2 per person minimum, although you might like to donate more if you wish, to help support our charitable work in the community.


Photocopies and PDFs of tunes are available to any prospective new members. Many tunes are also in The Furness Tradition Tune Books.

Players who have been in the band for a while have a good grasp of the repertoire of over 30 local tunes. Some of these players have begun contributing interesting harmonies to these tunes; an exciting development.

The new players have a grasp of written music and are keen to get to grips with the repertoire, happy in the understanding that they can learn and contribute at their own pace: They are all making good progress.

The tone of the practices, somewhere between a formal practice and an organised session, is proving popular and seems to suit the players’ needs.

The focused environment, manageable repertoire, and frequency and length of the practices (i.e. not too frequent, not too long and not too late) are, we believe, all contributing factors to their success.

The band is making a full rich sound, especially with some of the excellent new harmonies. It is great to see our local music being taken to heart by the community and given new life. 

The band has been sounding excellent recently, and there are a clutch of new tunes to work on, courtesy of Mike Kermode.



If you would like the Furness Tradition Community Band to play at your community/fundraising event please contact us.