Alice Jones is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and dancer from Ripponden in West Yorkshire. Her background is deeply rooted in the English folk tradition and the music that she makes instantly reflects this strong influence. Alice sings mostly traditional songs accompanying herself on the piano or harmonium and sometimes only with foot percussion. The sensitive and intuitive arrangements of each song allow the stories to take centre stage and, inspired by her beginnings as a percussive dancer, they are loaded with a rhythm and energy that portrays her dancer’s heartbeat. Her distinctive voice and innovative style lends a fresh, modern perspective to traditional material and brings new life to old songs.

Alice was first exposed to folk music as a babe in arms through her parents, both being keen attendees of folk clubs in the 1970’s. According to her mother, her favourite songs as a small child were “I Like a Drop of Good Beer” and “The Spotted Cow”… Songs about drinking and ladies of dubious virtue… With hindsight it was probably inevitable that she would turn out to be a folkie too…

Her first public performances were as a dancer, initially with Ryburn Longsword but later on as an Appalachian clogger, taught by the legendary Ira Bernstein and Sue Coe. At the age of 12 she began to perform at festivals and teach workshops around the country. Although Alice is immersed in the English folk tradition she also draws heavily from her roots as an Appalachian dancer with a keen interest in American folk song and music.

All of these influences combine and intertwine to inform her interpretation of songs and tunes, creating a uniquely characteristic yet seamless style. Her deliberate yet expressive tone and heartfelt precision portrays a true and genuine connection with her material. She performs with a captivating sincerity that conveys the innate sentiment of the lyrics interwoven with an implicit energy and wit that enchants, beguiles and enthrals those listening. Every performance highlights her eagerness to include and engage with an audience and her concert sets are brimming with refrains and choruses specifically intended to invite as much audience participation as possible!

Alice Jones