The mighty BaaB – from the frozen north comes a beguiling montage of mythical beasts and melodies. Dual fiddle assault is backed with high and low guitars and drums.

A beguiling montage of mythical beasts and melodies, combining hard-driving rock and pulsing rhythms with traditional Scandinavian folk to create a heavy groove perfect for traditional dances like the polska and… moshing.” BaaB come with a translator and storyteller; so much more than ‘just a band’!

Drawing heavily on Scandinavian folk traditions, their gargantuan groove-laden backing brings some welcome darkness to the bittersweet northern melodies. BaaB are just as happy performing on stage or as walkabout street entertainers as they are relaxing underneath bridges or in caves. Roving freely amongst shoppers or festival goers, their highly potent musk ox sound system bleats their sonic barrage to the masses, wherever they roam.


Baab – Buuub

Baab! BAAB!!!! Video BAAB!

Posted by BAAB on Thursday, 14 December 2017