Mike Willoughby’s Raving Rock is an eclectic folk music group, and a vehicle for Mike’s solo material from the Crimson Trophies album and beyond. The band consists of Mike Willoughby on vocals, melodeon, bouzouki, guitar, and harmonica, Rick Middleton on guitar, double bass, banjolele and vocals, plus Sam Middleton on drums.

This power trio are so named because they rave about rock: Proper, solid rhyolite you can get your hands on within the Northern landscape. Singing such praise comes naturally to a group whose urgent, anthemic songs take on Cumbrian cultural roots,  ecological concerns and personal soul-searching.

Raving Rock draw on their rich musical lineage, from 80’s folk-roots pioneers Strange Folk through to current ceilidh legends Striding Edge: From these roots  they offer up a new music steeped in folk and yet possessing a socially relevant, contemporary edge.

Mike’s articulate vocals are complemented by his jangling bouzouki and infectious melodies from his melodeon and harmonica. Rick Middleton’s double bass and guitar and Sam King Middleton’s jembe, bodhran and kick-drum create bold and intricate grooves: All three voices combine on rousing choruses that are as reminiscent of The Clash as they are of the Albion Band.

Raving Rock: Get gripped on this headlong rush of relevant Cumbrian roots music!

Mike Willoughby’s Raving Rock