Ulverston and Whitehaven Volunteers

We received this interesting information from Ian Boyle, a member of both Furness Tradition and Furness Morris:-

Last year Philip Minchom, a colleague in the Lake District National Park Authority volunteers, was researching the history of the wrought iron targets which exist at several sites in the district. The nearest to Ulverston are below Bursting Stones quarry on the east side of Walna Scar track and in the moss just south of Blea Tarn, Langdale.

He found that the targets were set up in the 1st half of the 19th century (ca 1830-40) for training the Volunteer Regiments which were a very early form of “Home Guard” in a politically unstable period. Philip was intrigued when I told him about the Ulverston & Whitehaven Volunteers tunes so I sent him copies of the music only to receive the attached mp3 today.
He’d sent the dots to a friend of his, Ric Sanders no less, who returned these files which Phil passed on as a thanks for the information.
Small world!

Listen to it now.


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One thought to “Ulverston and Whitehaven Volunteers”

  1. Great stuff! Dialect poet and song writer Robert Anderson played flute in the Volunteer band in Carlisle in very early years of the nineteenth century, and later in the century Carlisle fiddler and ballad singer/seller Jimmy Dyer wrote and published a broadside ballad about the Volunteer Review on the banks of the River Eden in Carlisle.
    Must have a hunt through some of the old local MS tune books to see if there’s a Carlisle Volunteers tune (or Kendal, or possibly Penrith or Appleby.

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