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Hi all,
Many thanks to all those who’ve backed the campaign, shared the link and otherwise publicised and supported the project – we hit our target a few days early! The Ballad of Shirley Collins has successfully raised over £25,000 on Kickstarter, and the campaign closes tonight.
We still have some amazing rewards available, and we’d love to fly over the finishing line having raised more then £30,000, so we’ve put out a project update reminding people of what’s still on offer:
If you, your organisation or your friends have any rewards you’ve had your eye on, you have just 12 hours left to make your pledge – and the most helpful thing you could possibly do is share the link like crazy for the next few hours to make sure no-one misses out.
Thanks again for all your fantastic support so far, not just those who’ve pledged but also those who’ve shared details of the project in their mailouts, on their websites, on social media – and over a pint!
Best wishes,
Jo Breeze
The Ballad Of Shirley Collins
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