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  1. We’ve received the following message. Opinions please.

    From: Portakabin Limited
    Subject: Use of the Portaloo Trade Mark
    Message Body:
    Hello there,
    I have recently been made aware of the article on your website at the above link. In particular, that it contains a reference to the word ”portaloo”.
    I am obliged to contact you to remind you that Portaloo® is a European and UK registered trade mark of Portakabin Limited. As such, the Portaloo® trade mark should only be used to refer to portable facilities that have been manufactured by Portakabin Limited. It is not a generic term. In addition, variants of our Portaloo® trade mark, such as, for example, portoloo or porta-loo, should not be used to refer to portable facilities even if they have been manufactured by Portakabin Limited.
    The purpose of this message is to kindly request that you remove all references to the word ”portaloo” from your website. On a more constructive note, could I suggest use of generic terms such as ”mobile toilet”, ”portable toilet”, ”loo”, “facilities” or ”portable loo” as appropriate.
    On the face of it, this may seem trivial, but it is very important to us as a business and we would be most grateful for your cooperation. We would also be grateful if this message could be circulated for the attention of your staff to try to prevent such inaccuracy in the future.
    Dick Ellershaw
    Intellectual Property Manager
    Portakabin Limited

  2. Seems fair, Coca-Cola watch their trademark and its variations like a hawke, and pursue infringements aggressively. This company however have pointed things out very politely and have taken the trouble to suggest alternative descriptions.

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