The Full English in the Guardian

The guardian has an interview with Malcolm Taylor, librarian of the Vaughan Williams Memorial library at Cecil Sharp House about his project The Full English.  It is a bold Heritage Lottery-funded attempt to make the library’s vast archive available to the public online. It has brought together 11 major collections for the first time in the most comprehensive free searchable digital archive in the world, and allows free public access to 58,400 digitised collection items through a new web portal. The project has brought together the collections of Harry Albino, Lucy Broadwood, Clive Carey, Percy Grainger, Maud Karpeles, Frank Kidson, Thomas Fairman Ordish, Cecil Sharp, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Alfred Williams and Mary Leather for the first time, to create the most comprehensive searchable database of English folk songs, tunes, dances and customs in the world. The Full English is also EFDSS’s biggest learning and participation programme to date. The Full English project is also supported by the National Folk Music Fund and The Folklore Society.

You can read the article here.

The library itself can be accessed here.

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