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  1. Another brilliant festival! How do you manage to get such good acts? It would be invidious to mention some and risk offending those I left out, but I was amazed by the energy and talent of all the young artists, some of whom are young enough to be my grandchildren. Not so long ago I worried that interest in folk music and dancing might die out with old greybeards like me. Now I know it won’t. The tradition is in safe hands and you are getting them to Furness Tradition before they become too famous and expensive. That’s a skill to be proud of.

    I will mention Vicki, Jonny and Nick (Serious Kitchen). The Whispering Road was dark, mysterious and magical and all three were great on their own at other events. Thanks also to Vicki for letting some of us get our unskilled hands on her precious nyckelharpa (what’s the plural of it?). It takes more than a few minutes to get the hang of them.

    Venues: Friday night, a bit cramped and stuffy but I saw that someone else had booked the Red Rose Hall over the road. Merry Neet at the Coro, brilliant staging and room for dancing but the beer was overpriced. Sunday at Ford Park, an inspired choice and we’ll certainly go for the camping there if you use it next year.

    Like Martyn we enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the festival, but it must have taken a lot of hard work by the committee to achieve it. It was great to come to Ulverston again to meet old friends and new ones. Congratulations! And congratulations on getting such a good display of photos and videos on line so quickly afterwards.

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