Wierdstring Band


Members Paddy Garrigan, Andrew Walter and James Bentley play folk music both ancient and modern, with madcap invention by the bucketful, and with priceless jokes, many of which are older than the music. They also cannot decide how to spell their name; is that weird or is it wierd?

Drawing on the lesser-remarked-upon aspects of Cumbrian life, the Wierdstrings sing about anything from love and time travel to the ancient art of Worm Charming. They sing of fell walking and occasionally fall over. They are equally at home calling a ceilidh, rocking the mainstage or playing to whoever else they find sat around a fire.

Having honed their idiosyncratic craft on the festival stages and acoustic spaces of Great Britain and beyond, The Wierdstring Band serve up a steaming broth which combines original songs and tunes, hilarious reimaginings of time-worn classics and dances from all thirty-five corners of civilisation (along with several rather less civilised localities), all guaranteed to make you smile. They have appeared onstage at festivals including Glastonbury, The Green Gathering, Solfest, Knockengorroch, Sedbergh Folk Festival and many, many other highly discerning venues have rocked, reeled and rolled to their unmistakeable sound.


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