Shirley Collins to make a film

Shirley Collins


Shirley Collins and special guests including Stewart Lee, Alasdair Roberts and Lisa Knapp Music will be appearing at a special fundraising evening for the making of Shirley’s non-fiction feature film – As I Walked Out One May Morning: The Ballad of Shirley Collins at Café OTO in East London on Sunday 22 June.
Directors of the forthcoming film, Rob Curry & Tim Plester, will be alongside Stewart to introduce a great gathering of Shirley’s friends and fans, surprises and celebrities. The purpose of the evening is to announce to the world that everyone has an opportunity to be involved in something truly special: The return of Shirley Collins!
Visit for updates & more information about how you can get involved.

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  1. A Kickstarter site has now been launched to raise funds for this project.
    We’ve had the following message from Jo Breeze:

    Hello – huge thanks to everyone who’s got back to me so far offering all the ways you’d like to support this project; it’s wonderful to hear so much enthusiasm! We’ve got just 30 days to raise the money – the countdown starts now.

    This morning, we’ve just launched the Kickstarter:

    You can see the video from the film-makers, which will give you more of a flavour of the film they want to make, and explore some of the amazing rewards we’ve put together which include:
    Private screenings of the film and one-off experiences with the film-makers
    Join Shirley for her Lewes bonfire celebrations
    A special edition of the new book Shirley is currently writing (this will be her second, after America Over The Water)
    Rereleases of The Foggy Dew and Heroes in Love, never released since their original 1960s pressing
    A new album dedicated to Shirley Collins by artists who’ve been inspired by her work
    Exclusive signed prints, DVDs, and lots more film and music goodies
    If you’re able to help share this link far and wide – including if you have an email newsletter of your own, and on Facebook, Twitter or other social media – that would be fantastic.

    We’ve got just 30 days to raise the money to make this film – anything you’re able to do would be a huge help, and please get in touch if you’ve got any questions or ideas.

    Best wishes,
    Jo Breeze

    The Ballad Of Shirley Collins

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