Mary Dunsford plays at Furness General Hospital

The Westmorland Gazette: Mary Dunsford

Mary Dunsford, who leads the Furness Tradition harp workshops (affectionally called the harpies) is playing to patients and visitors at Furness General Hospital.

“It is relaxing and a special touch for our patients, staff and service users,” said Barry Rigg, community engagement manager for the trust. “We are grateful to Mary for sharing her skills and talent within our local hospital.

“Research has shown that the introduction of live music into healthcare can enhance the quality of care, improve communication, empathy and understanding of patients’ needs, reduces stress and the perception of pain. We are receiving many positive responses; patients engaging with performers is a very special experience which everyone present can feel involved in.”

And patients have reacted positively, with one saying: “We were so thrilled with the musician. It had a big impact on the ward.”

Mary was helped in her project by the Sir John Fisher Foundation.

She visits there each Wednesday.

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