Steeleye Span

One of my favourite bands have combined their talents with one of my favourite authors. At a time when most bands of their generation would be resting on their laurels, Steeleye have found inspiration in the work of author Terry Pratchett. They have worked with him on a brand new project based on Pratchett’s ‘Wintersmith’ novel – a tale of ancient rituals and secret folk dances. The album features special guests Terry Pratchett, Kathryn Tickell and John Spiers. It is released on the 28th of October.

The track listing looks very interesting. I look forward to hearing this.

1. The Dark Morris
2. Ancient Eyes
3. The Good Witch
4. The Wee Free Men
5. Wintersmith
6. You
7. The Summer Lady
8. Love Enough
9. Hiver
10. First Dance
11. Fire & Ice
12. Crown & Ice
13. Band of Teachers
14. We Shall Wear Midnight
15. The Dark Morris Tune

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